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Find your song. Discover a piece of your heart. Fall in love with your sacred Crazybrave journey.

Knowing firsthand the power of one great song, Lisa M. Arreguin is driven to help other songwriters become courageous in their mission to hone their craft and change the world with their music.

Lisa presents an unconventional guide to songwriting. Through the use of personal stories highlighting her 30 years of writing songs, Lisa inspires songwriters to believe in the authenticity of the songs they write; and shares song-building techniques and simple tools that will help:

  • Spark Inspiration + Find Your Song

  • Listen to the Story of Your Life + Share it Powerfully

  • Build Solid Songwriting Skills with Form + Structure

  • Acquire Tools to Stay Creatively Healthy

  • Connect and Collaborate Without the Drama

  • Launch Your Music with More Confidence

  • Learn How to Finish Strong + Enjoy the Songwriting Journey Again and Again


The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritual Guide to Creative Songwriting

By Lisa M. Arreguin


This book is for artists who...

  • Are just beginning and want to challenge themselves to achieve something beautiful, creative, and new in their lives

  • Want to write songs for the world to hear, despite what others may think

  • Might be frightened to move forward, but know that they must honor the nagging pressure they feel in their gut that says, “Do it!”

  • Are searching for creative authenticity in the music they write, wanting to feel the love of music again

Although this book discusses the songwriting process, all creative people who wish to create beautiful art are confronted with the same fundamental challenges and triumphs on the creative journey. The Crazybrave Songwriter is equally impactful if you are a musician, singer, painter, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor or writer. This book will help encourage your artistic expression and inspire you to trust in the unfolding of your own creative process.



“Your unique brand of creativity is holy, sacred, and divine. Honor and protect the creativity inside of you because it is important and is part of the reason you were born. Seek to understand all corners of your creative spirit so that your gifts can heal you and the world.”

Lisa M. Arreguin, from The Crazybrave Songwriter