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Meet Lisa M. Arreguin

author, vocal coach, studio owner, songwriter & recording artist

about Lisa M. Arreguin

I am a super creative and an entrepreneurial optimist. I love music seriously, write books courageously and am dedicated to helping artists discover the beauty that lives inside of them.

I have always been interested in what makes humans tick and what goes into making dreams come true. At an early age, I was a creative soul sitting at the piano for hours, lost in the flurry of musical expression and dreaming of a life where I could write songs for the world to hear. After the messy 20s, I became a mother, struggling artist and then decided to go back to school to achieve a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Now, I am a business woman coaching amazing creative artists; and work everyday in my family owned music production business and recording studio.

In April 2018, I authored the book The Crazybrave Songwriter: A Spiritual Guide to Creative Songwriting (published by Hay House). It’s currently available here on Living Crazybrave, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.