Hi, I'm Lisa

I am a super creative and an entrepreneurial optimist. I love music seriously, write books courageously and am dedicated to helping artists discover the beauty that lives inside of them. 

I have always been interested in what makes humans tick and what goes into making dreams come true. At an early age, I was a creative soul sitting at the piano for hours, lost in the flurry of musical expression and dreaming of a life where I could write songs for the world to hear. After the messy 20s, I became a mother, struggling artist and then decided to go back to school to achieve a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Now, I am a business woman coaching amazing creative artists; and work everyday in my family owned music production business and recording studio.

Your North Star directive is to remember that your deep yearning to create something beautiful is directly connected to your capacity for personal happiness and love.

The conclusion I’ve come to is this: Creativity needs nourishment, self-care, perspective and love. Walk with me on a journey of self discovery and together we’ll get some real creative stuff done, learn a lot about who we are and become happier in the process.  

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Glad you have found our spot and I’m looking forward to working with you. If you would like to reach out, please send an email to livingcrazybrave@gmail.com.




"If the process of creating something from nothing seems hard, it is because all parts of you are being commissioned to create: your subconscious, your past experiences, your emotional center, your mental state, and your divine spirit."

-The Crazybrave Songwriter: A spiritual guide to Creative songwriting