The Perfect Day


Hello Brave Souls, 

It was a great day on Sunday.   The kind of day I cherish. 
I got up in the morning, had my coffee, did a little yoga (rare for me!) and read another chapter of a really good book.  No appointments scheduled today so I got out my painter’s easel, picked out my selection of colors and then sat down to paint.  
Painting is my new thing.  And I do it only for me.  I have no grand ideations that I can be a Rembrandt one day or even sell my work; it just feels good to play with color and feel the calm in my spirit as I move the brush across the canvas. About three hours in, I got tired so I stopped to watch a movie - one I’ve seen before, but this time I listened more closely to the dialogue, and watched how the director worked with angles.  Movies...another passion of mine.
I turned my attention back to the canvas and tried to remedy the mess I’d made.  I originally set out to paint an abstract picture using golds and greens, but messed up mid-way through and began to paint anything I wanted.  (I thought it might be a good thing to share my picture with you here, but on second thought, that would just be embarrassing). By the end of the adventure, I have a canvas full of purple-pink flowers.  Not sure how that happened.

About 5 o’clock, I cooked some pasta and made a salad for dinner and stared at my weird picture.  Then I sat in my favorite chair, watched another movie and wrote this blog.

I am like most people; too busy with the detail of my life to get much down time.  But when I do, I wonder why I waited so long.   
There are always whispers, fleeting thoughts, and emotional waves that say … Hello there, it’s time to write AND/OR go to the beach AND/OR sit at the piano and finish that nagging song idea.    

That’s why I’m here for you.   

To remind you of the beauty that lives inside you.   To remind you that those whispers you hear need to be answered.  They are there to remind you to not miss out on your life, to have some fun and to get busy considering a new creative thing.  

It’s 2019 now and change is in the air. It’s been too long.  
You deserve some time to breathe and observe and enjoy. 
As difficult as it may seem to find the time, I know you can do it. 
You don’t need a whole day to get some creative relief, just a bit of time reminding you that life is wonderful.  

~ Lisa

Lisa Arreguin