Music, Money & Stuff

H.E.L.L.O Crazybravers (Yes, I’ve been listening to Adele’s album a lot – who hasn’t!?),

2015 was a developmental year for most of the great singers who came through my doors. Each of you fought to get a little better, to strive for new challenges, and to put your best foot forward. I love you for that and it’s been one of my on-going joys to help you accomplish all the musical things you want for yourself.

I am ready for a brilliant 2016, walking side-by-side with you on this artistic journey.  

As we move into the New Year, here are two tidbits of information that will help you kick the year off nicely.

Get Your Finances in Order:

This might seem like a counter-intuitive 1st step for any CrazyBrave artist who wants to instead get busy writing the next hit song or planning for their summer concert series.

The truth is that the struggle is real and all of us have solid hit-the-ground-running daily financial obligations that need our attention.

For some of us who hate this topic and find it overwhelming, you might recruit a good friend with a strong talent for finances and ask them some nagging questions OR read the Dave Ramsey link here.

Financial management is a marathon, not a sprint, dear artists, so find one thing in January to wrap your head around and get ‘er done. As you are well aware, the development of yourself as an artist will cost you money as you ramp up to stardom, so set a new tone for 2016 and start getting a real handle on the pulse of your personal finances.  

Prompt: In the month of January, do a soft inventory of how much you bring in vs. how much you spend on a monthly basis. Write it down on paper.

Declutter Stuff:

This is a big one! Take some weekend time in January and at the end of each quarter – yes, mark it on your calendar – to get rid of STUFF. Do you really need those shoes from 1999? Or that box of party decorations from last year?

Why declutter, you ask? Research shows that the external decluttering of our environment helps to improve focus and clarity. Read about it here.

A strong, clear heart and brain is what we are striving for in 2016, where calmness brings new ideas and better strategies. If you want to witness a good example of what the out-of-control accumulation of stuff can do to your brain, watch an episode of “Hoarders” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Prompt: This month, pick one nagging cluttered area of your home and be brave in your cleanup. Don’t forget your car! Send a trigger to the universe that says that you want to travel light and easy this year by throwing away past registration papers stuck in the glove compartment, clearing the floors, and cleaning out the car trunk.

With a CrazyBrave 2016 Heart,


Lisa Arreguin