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Preparing artists for the real world of music

one on one
Artist Coaching


Everyone has a voice to share

Created with the serious vocalist in mind, this coaching program is perfect for you if you’re looking to discover your voice, create your sound, emerge with style, record your music and work on making your dream become a reality.

Artist coaching was designed to support your creative journey in voice training, songwriting, studio recording, performance and creative understanding.

Sharing your singing voice with excellence requires steady training and loving support. We have carefully structured our vocal teaching method to include a curriculum that is tailor made for each unique student, based on ability and goals.

We will meet every week in our beautiful and spacious vocal room at our family-owned music production & recording studio Love & Laughter Studios in Anaheim, CA. We can also provide lessons online or over the phone.

Train four times a month, 45 minute sessions each
Investment: $250/month


A Student Success Story

“Lisa has been there since the beginning. She helped me write my first song and I haven’t stopped since. To date, I’ve finished a five-song project and I gig regularly with my band. Whenever I need some advice, I give her a call and we talk it through. She’s amazing and I couldn’t have come this far without her love and caring support. She’s amazing!”

Haley Copello, singer-songwriter


Each session is customized to your unique needs and musical goals. Here are a few things we’ll work on together:

  • Vocal training and coaching

  • Life and work strategies

  • Launching and marketing your music

  • Publishing and placing your songs

  • Songwriting and song evaluation

  • Professional performance tips for stage

  • Professional prep for studio recording  



Through Artist Coaching, we have helped artists reach for the stars. Here are a few of their successes:

  • Nominated for a day time Emmy for Best Original Song

  • Featured song placement on TV networks ABC, CBS and Cable Shows

  • Pitched original songs to numerous music supervisors

  • Performed and opened for named artists

  • Landed a major record deal

  • Auditioned for The Voice & American Idol

  • Successfully crowd funded $10,000 that led to a completion of an EP of original songs

  • Coached artists that are running winning campaigns on Patreon Kickstarter

  • Recorded multiple albums, EP’s and single songs

  • Perform live regularly at monthly residencies

  • Garnish Interviews on Radio and in Podcasts